Originally from central New York, Cathy grew up riding hunters and junior jumpers. After moving to Maryland in the 1970’s, she became involved with the rapidly growing sport of dressage in the U.S. Recognizing dressage as a great benefit to the horse and rider, she received her BHSI certification and over the years moved up the levels to become an FEI rider, competitor, and trainer. She has had the opportunity to work with notable coaches such as Steffen Peters, George Williams, Scott Hassler, Jan Ebeling, Oded Shimoni, and Jean Paul Pare among others.

Cathy enjoys working with riders of all levels and disciplines to enhance the harmony between horse and rider in a positive and supportive environment. She employs the classical principles of dressage to obtain balance, suppleness, relaxation, and self-carriage. These principles, along with attention to the biomechanics of horse and rider, are applied to establish and maintain a strong riding base as the horse and rider achieve their goals. Cathy approaches each horse and rider as unique individuals and a program is designed specifically for them.

In addition to her equestrian accomplishments, Cathy is a retired elite powerlifter and certified personal trainer. The experience gained as a successful strength athlete is instrumental in her instruction of the rider as a self-aware athletic partner with the horse.

As a training philosophy, Cathy feels it is imperative to inspire our horses to trust that we are dependable, predictable and worthy partners.

Teaching is really a natural extension of one's practice—one wants to share something that's so influential and beautiful in one's life.